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Grimston Church, John Hemsley Plaque

There are two marble plaques set on the north wall of the nave. The earlier commemorates John Hemsley, who died on 23rd November 1842 aged 83. He was buried, by Revd. John Wilson, on 28th November. John Hemsley was a wealthy, unmarried farmer who lived at Thorpe End in Melton Mowbray. He was the younger brother of the vicar during 1782-90, Revd. Thomas Hemsley, who farmed in Grimston. John Hemsley’s nephew Anthony Hemsley is commemorated by an inscription on one of the bells.

Grimston Church, Robert Noble Plaque

The second plaque is for Robert Noble, who died in Malta in 1869 aged 26, returning to the UK from Egypt. He was vicar between 1865 and 1867, and was credited with the restoration carried out in 1866. He was also responsible (with the 6th Lord Aylesford) for building the school (in 1867, to accommodate 46 pupils). Robert was the grandson of John Noble who had been vicar between 1790 and 1812. Robert’s father, also John, was vicar at Nether Broughton, and served as Rural Dean at one time. The plaque reads ‘His family, friends and flock, have erected this tablet in affectionate remembrance of The Reverend Robert Noble, B.A…..’ Robert’s uncle, also Robert and also in holy orders, built the chapel at Six Hills, but spent much of his life as a missionary in India.

Grimston Church, Past Clergy Plaque

A plaque on the north wall of the nave records the names of members of the clergy who have served in the parish since the 13th century. Particularly notable for their long service in the parish are John Wilson (53 years, 1812-65), Lefroy Baker (17 years, 1878-1895), Elgar Hicks (36 years, 1895-1931) and Thomas Charles Hunter Clare (31 years, 1951-82). The registers show that between 1813 and 1865 John Wilson performed 247 baptisms and 183 burials. In the period 1839 to 1864 he married 35 couples. As the Benefice structure of the parishes has changed over the years, the clergy have had different responsibilities. So whereas Revd. Elgar Hicks was appointed to the living at Wartnaby, the parish church with which Grimston was associated, Revd. TCH Clare was responsible for Saxelbye with Shoby and Grimston. 

Grimston Church, War Memorial Plaque

A plaque on the north wall of the nave records the names of 8 men from Grimston who died during the First World War, and lists their regiments. The bronze plaque, with black and red lettering, is mounted on an oak backing. It was unveiled on 7th April 1920 by Captain Geoffrey L. Reckitt and dedicated by the vicar, Revd. Elgar Hicks. There is also a larger memorial in Main Street, commemorating the same men.


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